GAF OUTDOOR Introduction

Our company, OEM and ODM for the clients, is located in backpacks city of China---Shiling town in Guangzhou City, nearby Baiyun International airport. Founded in year 2008, Our company is dedicated to developing, producing and sale of hunting and tactical gear, including hunting packs, tactical packs, and other outdoor products.

Based on our brand philosophy“Global Amazing Force”, we make high-quality goods with reasonable price. Focused on the need of end-users and best service for our clients, we believe that we will become global amazing force to give you the best solutions. These years, our company continually gets the orders from USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and our production are popular in the market of hunting and tactical gear.

Who we are:

 More than 10-year experienced factory for outdoor products

What we do:

 OEM and ODM for clients

Our  goal:

 High quality products with reasonable price

Our obligation:

 Protect our clients’  products to avoid the copy

Our products:   

Hunting packs

                       Other hunting products

Tactical packs

                        Other Tactical products

Our pattern/material:

Hunting gear|Tactical gear|Backpacks

Brushed tricot